Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 National Track Championships!

Last night I got to go observe my first Track National Championship at the new Giordana Velodrome in Rock Hill, SC. Unlike most experiences I have had with being at any stadium, this was the most pleasant and exciting! No, I was not having beer spilled on me by the drunk person at the panthers stadium, or being stuck beside that smoker at the Knights baseball stadium... (Nobody is allowed to smoke at the track) :P I was having pure fun even though the place was packed! I look forward to countless hours out in Rock Hill whether it be spectating, or racing.
Great Night!

The race was high paced! Getting Averages in the 30ish miles per hour and a little wheel touching here and there. Fortunately there were no wrecks!
I must say, whenever somebody new started racing, you could immediately tell whether or not they were going to be the record holder for the night.
Enjoy the pictures! I will give you the winners and podium pictures at the end of my post!

Masters 35+ In first place we have Scotland Leman. In Second we have Gregory Pent. Third, Chris Sugar.

Elite men, In first Zachary Kovalcik, second Stefan Rothe, third Al Urbanski, fourth Liam Donoghue, and fifth Daniel Holt.

Elite Women, in First we have Cari Higgins, second Kimberly Geist, third Elizabeth Newell, fourth Erin Glover, and fifth Mandy Marquardt.

 Thanks for reading! :D