Saturday, July 12, 2014

What's new???

  Hey everyone! So it has been quite a while since I have written any posts. Since my last, my life has made a series of up's and down's. Unfortunately due to too many bumps to the head I cannot race bikes any more. However, I landed a fantastic job as the head of IT for a small airline and will start flying. Since I cannot race, I had to find another adrenaline laced activity that's... A little safer. After some searching, I found it. Rock climbing. I tried it out with some friends I figured out that I absolutely LOVE it.
  "Now! why is he sharing all this in his blog?" might you ask. Well! I wanted to start writing again. What better way to write, and share my rock climbing adventures with my friends and family than through this? Facebook is cool, but I feel that I can share more this way. Anyways! Lots more to come! I'm uber excited. Hopefully I can drag some more friends, possibly some random people on the internet into this fantastic hobby. So sit back and be ready for climbing adventures, gorgeous scenery, route sharing, possibly gear reviews, and some basic instruction in the near future!

                                                                                   Thanks all! -Eric
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